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Engage is our area of Connect Church that reaches out to our community; good people doing good things. Connect church is committed to serving the local community and making a positive difference. 

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1. Food Assistance 

We currently partner with Holy Trinity school at small heath to donate food items to their foodbank. 


During Covid we partnered with Oasis trust, at Hobmoor school, to prepare, pack and deliver meals to those who were shielding and vulnerable. During the first lockdown, From April to August, we made 5146 deliveries, to 126 homes, feeding an average of 312 people each week, and 28 volunteers from Connect Church



2. Supporting neighbours 

To welcome all people and for people to find a place that is safe and they belong. A few partnerships we have are...

- Safe Families
No one should feel alone. We exist to create relationship and connection because everyone deserves to belong.

- United Kingdom Hong Kong

- City of Sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers

- We run the Friendship first course to help bridge the gap between faith groups 

- Volunteers at Connect church serve on the Birmingham City Street pastors team. 

3. Providing clothing

We have partnered with Wyndcliffe primary school to do a uniform appeal. The church dontated new uniforms for those students who required new uniforms for the new academic year.


4. health & wellbeing

We have supported nursing homes. 

Chaplaincy in hospitals, 

Our hope is for our Home & Hub to be a place that provides care and education in areas of physical sickness, mental health, relational health and financial health.

5. Prison ministry

Connect church is a part of the Welcome Directory, which is committed to providing a welcome to those who have been released from prison. 


We will also work with prison chaplains to support ministry inside the prisons. 


Sports Chaplaincy -


Pastor Kirk McAtear has been the chaplain to Birmingham City Football Club since 2013. This is a volunteer role providing pastoral care to players and staff. 

Police Chaplaincy -


Minister in Training, Matthew Hopley is also employed part time as a Police Chaplain for Warwickshire Police. This role provides pastoral care to police officers. 


Garden Renovation

 a group fo volunteers did a total renovation on a garden area at Wyncliffee Priamary school, and created a sensory garden for the children to experience. The area was overgrown and no use, but after one day was transformed for a place for the children to use. 


Community Connectors

Partnering with Birmingham City Council, once a month on a Saturday a team of volunteers litter pick the area around the church, meeting neighbours and helping clean up the area.

Christmas Toy appeal

 in partnership with Wyndcliffe primary school, giving toys to families who are in need at Christmas. 


Womens Refuge appeal - Womens aid, pamper packs


Christmas hamper appeal -

working with St Basils youth hostel 


The Children's Society

donating toiletries for the use of children when they are first taken out of homes and have nothing. 


Homeless shelter

Partnering with Birmingham City Mission we have provided volutneets to serve at the homeless shelter serving food and connecting with those who use the service. 



 supporting primary school age students at Wyndcliffe primary school. 


The Christmas Lunch

in 2019 and 2020 we have given away 30 Christmas hampers to families in need in our community as identified by Wyndcliffe primary school.


Summer Kids club at Wyndcliffe primary school.

We are a hong kong ready church

Welcome to Birmingham!


If you have arrived in Birmingham or are coming soon, we are glad to welcome you to our country, our city and our churches. We would love to support you as you settle here, being a community for you as well as offering any practical help. Do get in contact!


來到伯明翰的香港朋友們, 或是即將抵達這裏的, 我們歡迎你來到這個國家, 城市及教會, 我們會協助你們融入社區和定居,有需要可以聯絡我們。

Moving to a new place can be challenging. We'd love help you settle in and get to know you.


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